Stijn de Bekker

With a passion for digital trends, a background in computers science and management, Stijn closes the gap between business needs and information technology.

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Leading Teams in the Field of Technology

Digital roots and a drive to achieve maximum results using information technology, that is Stijn de Bekker. With two master degrees, one in computer science (MSc) and one in business administration (MBA), he has the ability to analyse and understand complex situations from multiple viewpoints.

Stijn is a true digital techonologist that drives his teams in getting most out of projects, developments or innovations.

Current Position

Since 2011, Stijn is employed at the HEINEKEN company. After various roles at HeadOffice in Amsterdam, he is now IT Manager at HEINEKEN's Global Shared Service centre (HGSS) in Kraków Poland. In this role, he supports the business agenda via information technology and leads his team of professionals to support operational business.

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