IT Manager at HEINEKEN

Stijn de Bekker is currently employed at HEINEKEN's Global Shared Service centre (HGSS), in Kraków Poland, part of the HEINEKEN Company. In his role he is responsible for local infrastructure and workplace equipment of the centre (1,000+ employees). In addition there is operational responsibility for local business applications used in financial processes.

Previously, Stijn held various roles at Headoffice in Amsterdam for HEINEKEN. Starting in 2011, he was involved at Webcentre, digital centre of excellence. The Webcentre team was responsible for the execution of global digital media projects and Stijn lead the team of subject matter experts. Delivery examples are development and management of global websites for Heineken®, Desperados, Sol or HEINEKEN company website. In addition, many global digital campaigns have been developed, for example for Heineken® James Bond, Heineken® Champions League, or Desperdos to the Bone.

More recently in 2014, Stijn developed the global collaboration roadmap in HEINEKEN using Microsoft Office365 technology. By connecting end-users to technological capabilities, he outlined a vision and strategy to enable team collaboration using SharePoint online and OneDrive, driving efficiency in the company.

Team Lead Project Management

The in-depth knowledge and experience on managing successfull digital projects was gained during Stijn's period at Advance Interactive Media, an online agency with international clients. Advance was acquired by Eyeworks, an international television producer, in 2010.

Advance's own interative platform portfolio contained platforms like 'Je Echte Leeftijd' ('Real Age Test') to build a long-term relationship with consumers. In his role of senior project manager, Stijn was responsible for the delivery of Advance's concepts, but also for client campaigns for Sara-Lee, Reed Business and Philips International. As team lead of the project managers, Stijn took care of the people management tasks in a team of seven project managers.

Digital Developer & Consultant

Over the years, Stijn has gained experience in a variety of different roles; from an engineering role at Tasper for Java and ASP.NET development, to a consulting role at CIBER for the internet department. Part of the role was an interimship at Radio Netherlands WorldWide.

Further Reference

An electronic copy of my curriculum vitae is available for further reference.
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